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The new way of holiday on the lake

Remont With us, your interest in the lake will grow even more and you will be fascinated by this area

W H O   W E   A R E

We accompany our clients as a luxury real estate company from the selection of the property to the legal and administrative matters and create your own folder for your dream property.

High professional competence and maximum confidentiality are our guarantee, so that each investment is a targeted choice with significant added value. 

piscina vista lago

I N D I V I D U A L    S E R V I C E

We believe that every purchase must be planned according to the client's needs and that an investment must be made with care in order to create long-term added value and protect the client's property assets.
Our philosophy is based on the relationship of trust with our clients, who first and foremost become our friends, and on the energy and preparation of our team, but also on the understanding of our investment aspirations and objectives.

 A   F O L D E R
F O R   Y O U R
 P R O P E R T Y

Get to know our turnkey service.
No need to worry, we take care of everything: Our company will accompany you from the first inspection of the property to the signing of the sales contract and will prepare all necessary documents: Building permit, certificate of habitability, etc.
The professionalism and competence of our project managers will ensure that you cannot resist the elegance of our properties. 

W E   I N T R O D U C E  O U R S E L V E S

We are here to provide you with any assistance you may require.

Remont Srl
Luxury Real Estate
Language: Italian

Remont Srl
Luxury Real Estate
Language: English & German

I   N O S T R I   S O C I A L